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Dinamo Riga Goaltender Assaulted on the Street, Out for Three Months

Egdars Masalskis, Dinamo Riga’s starting goaltender who was just named KHL Goalie of the Week was assaulted by five or six individuals on his way home from a post game dinner yesterday in Old Riga (historic downtown). Masalskis sustained serious injuries (reportedly a broken leg among other things) that will keep him out of action for at least three months.

It’s very difficult to add much to this shocking bit of news. We wish Edgars a speedy recovery and hope that the human garbage that’s responsible for this random act of violence will be found as soon as possible. Based on some reports the Latvian police have apparently obtained a video of the incident (Old Riga is riddled with security cameras). Whatever is coming to them would be well deserved.

It is unfortunate that there is a certain type of people who would gang up on a random individual and beat them to a pulp for no other reason than their own inadequacy and boredom.


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KHL Game Ends in a Brawl, New Record for Penalty Minutes (277!)

Dinamo Riga’s atrocious 5-game season starting road trip to the Far East and Siberia finally ended with a bad loss in their 2nd game in Novosibirsk 6-1.

It appears that the Latvian players finally had enough of all this long distance traveling business and took their frustration out on Sibir’s players.

This fight actually has some truly hilarious moments. Pay attention to the giant #27 of Dinamo Riga Ronald Petrovicky (in white) and the tiny #22 of Sibir Novosibirsk Mikhail Anisin in blue. Then watch what Dinamo’s #83 Matt Ellison does to Anisin after that tussle is over.

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RSL Game of the Week: Traktor Chelyabinsk @ Ak Bars Kazan 01.08.2008

Traktor Chelyabinsk @ Ak Bars Kazan

For our first RSL Game of the Week we’ve chosen a recent brawl filled game between Ak Bars Kazan and Traktor Chelyabinsk instead of a game from this past week. The brawl was all over Youtube, blogosphere and even made its way onto ESPN SportCenter, so we think there would be quite a few hockey fans who would like to check out the entire game, which was a quiet exciting affair even when the teams were playing actual hockey rather than kicking the crap out of each other.

Traktor Chelyabinsk is captained by former NHL veteran #13 Andrei Nikolishin and coached by the only Russian enforcer to ever lace them up in the NHL, Andrei Nazarov.

Ak Bars Kazan, a perennial powerhouse in the modern era of Russian hockey, is coming off winning the IIHF Continental Cup. The team features #35 Finnish goalie Mika Noronen, who spent most of his time in the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres; #2 Canadian minor leaguer Raymond Giroux; a number of young NHL prospects #5 Ilya Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers), #59 Vyacheslav Buravchikov (Buffalo Sabres) who captained Russia in the recent World Junior Championships and #74 tough hitting defenseman Alexei Yemelin (Montreal Canadiens). Also playing for Ak Bars in this game are Montreal veteran #14 Oleg Petrov, RSL stars #25 Danis Zaripov and #42 Sergei Zonovyev as well as former Pittsburgh Penguin #95 Alexei Morozov.

Full Line-ups:

Ak Bars:
G: Noronen;

D: Giroux, Seleznev, Nikulin, Pervyshin, Zubarev, Buravchikov, Yemelin, Panin;

F: Oleg Petrov, ńĆajanek, Shafigulin, Zhukov, Zaripov, Arkhipov, Stepanov, Zinovyev, Hentunen, Kazionov, Alexeyev, Kirill Petrov, Morozov.

Alistratov (Mylnikov 36 (Alistratov 39));

Piganovich – Sazonov, Kasyanchuk – Nikolishin (k) – Kalyanin;
Bayev – Yezhov, Popov – Zavarukhin – Galkin;
Konev – Dydykin, Skachkov – Vorel – Mikhnov;
Orlov – Korovkin, Rayenko – Nabokov – Vorontsov.

You can watch the game in the streaming player or download the file to your computer by clicking the “Open Containing Folder” link below the player, right clicking the file and selecting the “download” option.We recommend the free VLC media player for playing it.

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