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Alex the Great 4, Canadiens 4, Capitals Win

Ovechkin torpedoes the Canadiens.Well… if Alexander Ovechkin was the only man to show up to play tonight he still would have gotten a tie against the Canadiens. Alas, his teammates were on the ice as well and aside from scoring 4 goals for the 2nd time in his NHL career (and for the 2nd time this season) there was also the matter of setting up his fellow countryman Viktor Kozlov for a tap in.

The Capitals almost wasted an amazing performance by their incredible #8 letting the Canadiens come back from a 3-0 deficit with a pair of late goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Very late goals, as a matter of fact. Montreal got back to within 1 with just 0.4 seconds left in the 2nd (making the score 3-2), then scored the tying 4th goal with 32 seconds left in regulation.

As we watched in disbelief and wondered to ourselves what does Ovechkin have to do to win this one for the Caps (he had a hat-trick and a primary assist by then) we also thought… well, it is quite simple, is it not? He’ll just have to score another goal in overtime. That way the Capitals won’t be able to screw it up again (overtime being sudden death and all). And that is exactly what he did!

So here’s tonight’s tally for the Amazing One: 4 goals, including the game winner in overtime, a primary assist on the only goal he didn’t actually score himself and a small matter of 5 hits, 3 of which were highlight reel material. And by the way… This 5 point, 4 goal performance has moved Alex into the sole possession of the first place in the entire NHL for both, goals (43) and points (70).

Is there anything this man cannot do? Oh yeah, he wasn’t able to get on the starting roster of the All-Star game. Go figure. One more thing. Don Cherry is still pissed off that he’s not Canadian.

P.S. We ARE NOT worthy!!!


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Newsflash: Samsonov Remembers How to Play Hockey

Sergei Samsonov in action for CarolinaIt appears that Sergei Samsonov has finally gotten the message. After a pathetic season with Montreal last year and an equally unimpressive start with Chicago this year Sergei was sent down to the minors. Yes, things were so bad that no one even claimed him off waivers despite the fact that Chicago would have to pay half of his salary. It seemed that Samsonov’s NHL career was over as everyone in the league has given up on a man with boatloads of talent.

However, after just a couple of games in the AHL the Hawks decided to recall Sammy and had to clear waivers once again. This time the Carolina Hurricanes, hit by injuries and struggling to score, decided to give him his last shot at the NHL. So far so good. Sergei has gotten a lot of playing time in Carolina and is back to putting up excellent numbers. 9 games played, 8 points earned (3 goals and 5 assists).

For a man blessed with the talent Sergei possesses his numbers last year for Montreal and this year for Chicago were simply inexplicable. Let’s hope he keeps it up because when he’s playing well he’s still one of the most exciting hockey players to watch.

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