This website is for the English speaking fans of hockey, Russian style. Our main goal is to provide irreverent coverage of the KHL, the newly formed Continental Hockey League (or as the league spells itself Kontinental Hockey League to avoid people confusing it with various other leagues that go by CHL). The KHL is the successor to the Russian Superliga (RSL) and is considered by experts to be the second best hockey league in the world.

While the focus will definitely be on the KHL, as we aim to fill the void of its coverage in English (while trying to inject a light hearted, humorous style of writing into it) we’ll be sure to give plenty of attention to the Russian-born NHLers, as well. Go, Ovechkin!

Here’s the kicker (or should we say the slapshot?). We will also give you an opportunity to actually watch KHL games so that you can stop listening to the ramblings of everyone’s favorite crazy old uncle, Don Cherry, and make up your own mind about the quality of the league, follow your team’s Russian prospects or catch up with some former NHLers living it up Russkiy style. We feel that it’s about time North American fans had a chance to see the KHL for themselves. As they say, it’s always better to see it once than to hear about it a thousand times.

So da gospoda, you read that right, we’re giving you the opportunity to watch Russian hockey online for less than a ruble (read “free”)! That surely deserves a vodka shot. Za zdorovye!

Marat Ryndin,
Editor in Chief

P.S. If you would like to write for this blog hit us up using the contact form. Since we all have full time jobs that pay us for not covering hockey (extremely sad, but true) we can always use a little help. As ever, there are a few requirements. You have to have some free time, be knowledgeable about hockey in general, Russian hockey in particular, be fluent in Russian and be able to write in English on at least a 6th grade level (just like us). If your writing has a funny bone in it we’d like to chew on that, as well.


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